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Staff Pick: Saylor’s Choice for a mentally stimulating interactive toy!

Saylor with her dogs Lincoln and Juno
Saylor with her Toppl-loving dogs Stinky Lincoln and Juno!

Let me tell you – my dogs are obsessed with the West Paw Toppl!

It makes meal times long lasting, mentally stimulating, and fun! Without these, my dogs normally are done with their meals in a few minutes, but when we use the Topple, that increases to about an hour!

It’s also a really versatile toy – it comes in multiple sizes for different sized dogs. You can use it simply by sprinkling a few treats or their kibble into the toy; or raw food, wet food, or rehydrated kibble can be mushed into the Toppl and frozen for an even longer-lasting chew. Want to make it even trickier? The large and small Topple can be pushed together for a greater challenge or treat dispensing toy.

West Paw has a one time guarantee with all of their products. If your pup chews it up or it breaks, you can bring it back for it to be recycled and replaced with a brand new toy! That being said, my dogs are super chewers, and haven’t chewed their Toppls up at all.

I am also obsessed with the West Paw “The Toy of Cooking” cook book that comes with your purchase of a West Paw toy! It has SO many great, all-natural recipe ideas that the Toppl can be stuffed with, and most things are already found in your kitchen! I found out so many cool things that I didn’t know dogs could eat.

This is my favorite for rainy days when your dog can’t go outside for mental stimulation. It definitely makes my pups tired after meals or treat time! Stop into the store, or get your dog’s own Toppl here!

West Paw Toppl in 2 sizes and 3 colors
West Paw Toppl – Two sizes, 3 colors, and endless amounts of fun!
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