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Staff Pick: Hannah’s Feeding Favorites

This month Groomer Hannah has been walking us through on social media how she feeds her two dogs Teido and Prince! Read below to learn what and why she loves the brands she feeds her dogs!

Groomer Hannah!

I feed my two dogs Teido and Prince a hybrid diet of kibble and raw food. I’ve noticed since adopting Prince and switching him to a half-raw diet his teeth are MUCH cleaner and his breath isn’t quite as pungent as it used to be. Both Teido and Prince are more energetic and much more excited about meal times. I have also noticed a huge reduction in shedding since the introduction of raw into their diet.

Dry Food:

I chose N&D as their kibble due to its high-quality ingredients, variety of flavors, and high protein content. The Quinoa Skin and Coat Quail variety is forty percent protein! It is also the only kibble my picky Teido will happily gobble up every morning and it smells great! Trust me I’ve smelled A LOT of kibble over the past 3 years.

Puzzle Feeders

I love using interactive toys and fun feeders with their kibble for breakfast. It gives them a lot of mental stimulation and they are so excited every morning when I prepare their breakfast. My pup’s favorites are the Kong Wobbler, The West Paw Toppl, Planet Dog Maze, and Snoop.

Learn about how Teido uses The West Paw Toppl, The Planet Dog Snoop, and the Planet Dog Maze!

Frozen Raw Food:

I feed Northwest Naturals frozen nuggets in the evening. I love the nuggets because they are easy to portion out and my pups love them thawed or frozen. NWN also has a variety of different protein options including Trout! I love this variety because it allows me to easily rotate food flavors without my dogs getting upset tummy! This helps to keep my picky pups excited about dinner time.

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