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Agreement for Participation in Private Training Lessons with Lizzi & Rocco’s Natural Pet Market

This agreement must be signed before starting private lessons with trainer.

Scope of Services:

Private lessons will be taught by the training staff of Lizzi and Rocco’s. Availability of lesson dates and times are determined & filled by training staff. There will also be a recommendation for length of time of the training sessions but this can be adjusted if needed. Since we want the dog/handler to get the most out of your lesson, if at any time the training staff feels that the dog/handler in the lesson is not able to handle it at that time, the lesson may be rescheduled to another time.

Payment Policy

Full payment will be required at the time of service, unless other arrangements have been set up with the trainer. 

If the student would prefer a package option, payment must be made before the first scheduled lesson that would count towards the packages. If a payment agreement is decided upon between the student and the trainer, the student will need to sign appropriate paperwork to move forward with it.

Scheduling Policy:

Once training staff offers a lesson date and time, this spot will be held for twenty-four (24) hours. If a response or confirmation has not been received by the training staff within this time, they reserve the right to open the spot back up.

The training program uses the software "Pawfinity" for scheduling records. You will receive a invite to join this after your initial consultation or lesson is scheduled. From there, you can set up your account to keep track of lesson information. You will receive a confirmation request a couple days before scheduled appointment that we ask you respond to.  If you are unable to make it, please contact the trainer directly to reschedule. See cancellation policy for more information on this.

Cancelation Policy:

Lizzi & Rocco’s must be given notice at least twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled lesson. If canceled within this time frame, there will be a charge to the student that is 50% of normal lesson price. For package options, the canceled session will be counted towards the prepaid sessions. Half of the amount of time the lesson is scheduled for will be taken out of the package. For a scheduled half hour lesson, 10 minutes will be taken out of total package hours. After three cancellations within this time frame, all further lessons after this will require a pre-payment that will be non-refundable. 

No Show Policy

If a student does not show up to scheduled lesson without notifying training staff before the start time of the lesson, there will be a charge to the student for the full lesson price. For package options, the amount of time the lesson is scheduled for will be taken out of the package.. After three no show instances, no further training services may be offered. A refund will not be offered.

Late Arrival Policy

If students arrives up to 5 minutes late to a scheduled 30 minute session or 15 minutes late to a scheduled 1 hour session, it will be determined by the trainer at that time if the session will still be held. No additional time will be added. Full payment for the allotted time of the session will still be required.

If students arrive later than 5 minutes past the scheduled time to a 30 minute session or 15 minutes past the scheduled time for a 1 hour session, session will need to be rescheduled.

Training Methods:

Dog owners are to follow the training methods of the trainer which is explained in more detail here. This means that all training should be done using the most positive methods as possible and force free. No aversives will be permitted when in training. Forbidden training tools/equipment includes prong collars, choke collars, shock collars, or any other training tool deemed aversive and inappropriate by the trainer. If the owner continues to use any of these training tools after the trainer addresses it with them, the trainer reserves the right to remove the dog and owner from class. Should Lizzi & Rocco’s and/or the trainer decide that the removal is necessary, all payments are non-refundable in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Since training will be done using positive methods, owners are expected to bring rewards for the dogs including treats, toys, etc (anything the dog finds rewarding). Training staff will occasionally a small amount of samples but it is not guaranteed. 

Clean up

For the health and safety of staff and students, all owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals in a reasonable time frame. Cleaning supplies and waste receptacles will be provided by staff.

Video & Photo Release

Videos and photos may be taken during any  training event, as appropriate. I agree that these may be published by Lizzi & Rocco’s on their website, social media, and/or for marketing. I understand that these may include my dog, myself, and/or anyone accompanying me to these classes or events. All videos and photos are the property of Lizzi & Rocco’s Natural Pet Market.


I do hereby waive and release all employees & customers of Icaudi LLC d/b/a Lizzi & Rocco’s Natural Pet Market from any and all liabilities of any nature. I am fully responsible for the actions of my dog and/or any persons accompanying me to training lessons. Including, but not limited to, before, during, and after the training lessons while on Lizzi & Rocco’s and/or Academy Village property. I understand the staff and customers of Lizzi and Rocco’s will never be responsible for the actions of my dog, myself, or any persons accompanying me to the training lesson. 

I understand that participation in training does come with risk to my dog, me, and any persons accompanying me to class while on all of Lizzi & Rocco’s and/or Academy Village property. 

I agree to allow the staff to discuss details of the dog’s behavioral history, home life, relationship with owner and any other information deemed necessary with a veterinarian, animal professionals, family members, etc. as needed.

I will take full responsibility for my dog any time they are on the store premises and previously stated adjacent properties. I waive and release staff, other dog owners along with their dogs from any liability for any action that results in injury or damage which my dog, myself, or any persons accompanying me may experience. This includes any injury or damage occurring before, during, and after any training class or training event. I also waive the right from claims by me and/or any other person that attends training with my dog resulting from any dog, including my own.

I am bound to this agreement, along with all agents discussed within this agreement and included herein as spouse, children, executors, and all other agents. I understand this agreement supersedes all prior discussions, representations, warranties, and agreements of the parties discussed. I further understand, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I acknowledge that the training staff and Lizzi & Rocco’s has not represented, promised, guaranteed, or warranted that my dog will never bite, be dangerous or vicious in the future, will not display behavioral problems, or that the results of the training will last for any particular amount of time.

Electronic Signature

Training Agreement - Private Lessons
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