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Let your dog Chill Out with Frozen Treats!

A table is covered with supplies to make frozen treats for your dog. A dog expectantly waits

Summer heat is setting in fast, and it can be hard to deal with for a human- but imagine if you’ve got a fur coat and can’t open the freezer to stick your head in! We want to do what’s best for our pets, and in the summer, that means hydration, hydration, hydration- but that doesn’t have to mean just throwing out another water bowl!
At Lizzi & Rocco’s, we’re all about ice cream and popsicles for humans as a way to hydrate and cool down, and we refuse to leave out our fluffy friends. Down below, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite frozen recipes to cool down and hydrate your favorite fuzzy pal. (Cat people, don’t you worry- we’ve got your backs, too! Check out our own recipes right over here.)

Lick Mats are the easiest way to do most of these recipes, but all of them can be done with fillable toys such as West Paw Toppls or Kongs, slow feeders, and even just with an ice cube tray! This time of year, we recommend having a lick mat option for calming down, a toy option to keep busy when they can’t go out (thinking wears you out!), and several ice cubes just as bonus treats. It sounds intimidating, but it doesn’t take up much space in your freezer, and it will really ease your mind to know you’re gonna avoid the consequences of heat stroke in your dog. Plus, if you have several lick mats, extra food bowls, or even just spare saucers, you can prep several of these in advance. Once they’re frozen, you can store them vertically, which frees up more freezer space for your stash of ice cream!

A dog waits for a toy filled with frozen fruit

Bonus Toy Tip– if you don’t have a stopper to fill the holes on those fillable toys, fill it with peanut butter, canned food, freeze-dried food (with a bit of water), or even just a chunky chew! Just make sure you freeze it solid before pouring a liquid, and have a paper towel under to catch any drips- these options aren’t as watertight as the plugs made for the toys.

The Classic Poochsicle

Ingredients: 1 small pouch of dog food
1 small chew such as a No-Hide OR a meaty treat like a Happy Howie’s Woof Stick (to use as a stick)
Directions: Cut open a notch in the pouch, slide in chew, and freeze for at least two hours.

Chef Lime Dog’s Notes: It’s tried, true, and easy! The chew gives you a handle so your hands don’t get gross, and your dog has double the delish to lick down on- plus giving your dog chews is a great way to help their dental health. As they gnaw, they naturally clean the plaque and tarter off their teeth! These are great to keep ready to go in the freezer, and a great way to make sure your canine is getting all the calories they need since some pups don’t like to eat as much in the summer months.

Flavor switch- You can also use pumpkin-based pouches for a refreshing treat!

Frozen Puppy Pop

Ingredient: Tiki Cat Stix, in your dog’s preferred flavor

Squeeze the top to give yourself a nice spot to open it later, and freeze ’em for at least an hour.

Chef Lime Dog’s Notes: So easy to do, it could be criminal. When you’re ready to chill with your pup, rip the top and gently feed it to them… if they don’t slurp it in seconds, of course. This is a great way to still bond when it’s too warm to snuggle! If you feel it’s too warm even to get close to feed it to them, you can also squeeze the treat onto a lick mat for them to enjoy when it’s frozen, or squeeze out the whole frozen stick on a plate to let them chomp right to the middle. 

Bone Broth Breeze

Ingredients: 2 Tablespoons bone broth
3-4 Freeze dried treats, broken into pieces

Pour bone broth into an ice cube tray, lick mat, or on a saucer, and sprinkle with the freeze-dried treats,
and allow to freeze completely.

Chef Lime Dog’s Notes: Bone broth gets a whole lot of love in the winter for our arthritic friends, but let’s not forget it in the summer! We chose freeze-dried snacks over baked treats, because freeze-dried treats will soak up some of the bone broth, and you can add even more to make sure your dog gets as much liquid as possible on these hot days. If you already feed freeze-dried food or use it as a topper, then you can use a couple pieces of your pup’s regular food as the crunchy goodness!

The Elvis

Ingredients: Half a banana
1 Tablespoon peanut butter (make sure it has no sugar, birch sugar, or xylitol!)
Fromm Crunchy-O’s Bacon Blasters

Mash banana and peanut butter together, then wrap around Crunchy-O’s in small bite-size treats, or smooth on lick mat or toy and place treats on top. Allow to freeze.

Chef Lime Dog’s Notes: The king of summer beach movies had the key to our dog’s taste buds with his famous love of peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches! Fromm Crunchy-O’s will hold their signature crunch even after being wrapped in banana, so we like to tuck them inside like a little extra surprise.

Pup Parfait

Ingredients: 3 Tablespoons low-fat Greek yogurt
Drizzle of honey
Baked treats (broken into smaller pieces, if you need to fit your toy)
Fruit of your choice- just make sure it’s dog-safe and free of leaves, seeds, pits, and rinds! (Our favorites are strawberries, blueberries, and apple chunks)

Layer the toy with yogurt, treats, and fruit. Allow to freeze.

Chef Lime Dog’s Notes: Building a summer parfait is such a luxurious treat, but nobody can handle the puppy dog eyes… Just build them their own! This is extra fun to make with the family because your kids can get creative layering the parfait, or even make their own at the same time! (Just maybe don’t let them eat too many dog treats). Just like the others on this list, you can make these in small ice cubes or a lick mat, but it’s double the fun in a toy like the West Paw Tizzi, because your dog gets to discover each layer of flavor one at a time!

Beach Beagle

Ingredients: 2 Tablespoon fish broth
2-3 Freeze-dried minnows

Directions: Pour your fish broth, then place minnows to be swimming in your sea. Allow to freeze.

Chef Lime Dog’s Notes: If we can’t get our dogs safely to the beach, we can at least let them enjoy the flavors of the beach! This is extra fun on a lick mat or slow feeder tray, because you can easily play with the shapes to make it look like the best beach scene. If you want to make it a beachside sunset, add a small mango chunk or a dollop of Primal Fresh Toppers Awesome Squash to be your sun!

Green Queen

Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon Northwest Naturals’ Fruit & Vegetable Nuggets
1 Small dollop Green Juju Just Greens
Water as needed to make it smooth (if mixing)

Squish or smooth into your toy, lick mat, or ice cube. Allow to freeze.

Chef Lime Dog’s Notes: Green Queen is a great way to mix up your flavor profile- and it’s as easy as can be! If you feel like going the extra mile, add zucchini chunks! They’re often missed as a fun vegetable dog treat, but we know several who will dance to the moon and back for a taste. This recipe has a TON of fiber, so if your pup is having tummy troubles, this is a great option year-round- you can even swap out the fruit & veggie nuggets for OC Pumpkin Rox if you want the best in tummy soothing. 

Wagging Watermelon

Ingredients: 2 ounces of seedless watermelon chunks (fresh or frozen)
2 Tablespoons of goat’s milk

Place watermelon chunks, and pour goat’s milk slowly over to secure them to your dog’s toy or lick mat. Placing the watermelon chunks first lessens your chance of spilling. Allow to freeze.

Chef Lime Dog’s Notes: Does anybody else get overwhelmed by an entire watermelon? Here’s our cheat code- share it! Chunk and freeze your melon in advance- then you can use it for a quick refresher for yourself, or give it to you pupper just as is! You know us, though- when we’re feelin’ fancy, we blend up our frozen watermelon chunks with just enough goat’s milk to make it smooth, and even a sprig of mint to let them taste that watermelon shaved ice delight!

There ya go, canine culinary experts- go fight doggy dehydration and whip up a fabulous new treat! We can’t wait to hear how this goes over with your hounds, and if we missed a favorite recipe or two of your own, we’d love to hear it! After all, mixing it up is the key to good enrichment, and nobody wants to be bored on summer vacation. If you think you’ve made a complete work of art, we’d love if you tagged us, too- Lizzi & Rocco’s is always looking for more fido foodie inspiration!

Meet Chef Lime Dog: Cooking has always been Chef Lime Dog’s passion, even when he was a small puppy. After watching the Movie Air Bud with his humans, Chef Lime Dog was inspired to turn his passion into helping humans make delicious and easy snacks for their dogs!

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