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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is the spookiest season of the year and is a lot of fun for the family. But, it can be too spooky for even the most outgoing and brave pet! Keeping your pet safe throughout the season doesn’t have to be tricky, with these easy safety tips you can help ensure that your pet will skate through Halloween happy and healthy!

Costume Creepers:

There are not a lot of things in the world that is cuter than a dog or cat in a costume! However, it is important to make sure that the costume is a good fit for your pet. Choose a costume for your pet that fits well, and does not limit their movement, sight, or breathing. Also, inspect the costume for any parts that could be easily chewed off. Never leave your pet unattended while dressed in a costume in case the costume gets caught on something. 

If your pet appears to be stressed or uncomfortable, take off the costume. Signs of this include; refusing to move, folded down ears, hiding, etc. Costumes are cute, but animals in distress aren’t! You want your pet to get to enjoy the festivities, too.

Decoration Dangers:

It can’t be Halloween without sufficiently spooky decorations in and around your home, and like anything it is important to keep your pets’ safety in mind while setting up. It is important to keep open flames away from the reach of animals, so put items like jack-o-lanterns and candles well out of the way or opt for LED light options. 

Chemical-based decorations like glow sticks, fog/smoke machines, and fake blood can be toxic to animals or cause stomach discomfort. Glowsticks can be easily mistaken for chew toys so keep them stashed away from curious mouths. Keep electrical cords for lights and decorations bundled up and concealed so they cannot be chewed or use an anti-chew spray on cords (like this one).

Beware of Ninjas: 

With all of the hustle and bustle at the door on Halloween night, pets can easily slip away. There is nothing scarier than a lost pet. While you have trick-or-treaters at the door or if you are hosting a Halloween Hootenany, it is a very good idea to keep pets crated and out of sight of the front door or in a secure, quiet room. Make sure they have easy access to food, water, a cozy bed, and comfort items. If the sound of the doorbell is upsetting, put on a movie or some music to cover up the sound.

If your pet does decide to dress up like a ninja and manages to escape, it is critically important that your pet is wearing ID tags with current information and/or is microchipped. 

Treats not Tricks:

In the sugar-induced chaos of Halloween, it can be easy to lose track of candy. It is extremely important to always keep wrapped and unwrapped candy of any kind away from pets. There are many ingredients in Halloween treats that are extremely toxic to pets. Chocolate in any form, raisins, xylitol, and candy apples are all exceedingly dangerous when consumed. If you suspect your pet has ingested any of the above, it is important to contact a veterinarian ASAP. 

Although pumpkin is great for dogs’ health, eating large amounts of pumpkin can cause short-term stomach issues like diarrhea.  Not only is it important to monitor how much fresh pumpkin is consumed, but the freshness of the pumpkin is also important as well. Rotting pumpkins can contain harmful bacteria that can make dogs sick. Your best bet is to stick to pumpkin snacks that are commercially made, like this one.

Keeping Critters Calm

Halloween night can bring a lot of hustle and bustle to your house, and that hustle and bustle can stress pets out. There are several, easy things you can do to make sure your pets stay as calm as a cucumber on Halloween night! 

If possible, keep them in a cozy, quiet room with some of their favorite toys and beds where they can relax. Background noise such as a TV or white noise machine can help pets feel more secure. Wearables like Thundershirts can help pets feel snug and safe. Calming treats such as Composure or Meowbiotics Calm Down Kitty are great tools as well for busy times. 

At Lizzi & Rocco’s we have a plethora of helpful tools and tricks to help both you and your pet navigate the spooky season scare-free. Our knowledgeable staff at both stores can help you find the best product and solutions for your pet and its needs.

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