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Gift Ideas at Lizzi & Rocco’s

One of the best parts of Christmas is picking out gifts to loved ones that make their eyes light up or their tails wag! If you are needing gift ideas this holiday season, we are here to help with some of our favorite things to give and receive.

Pet Loving Humans

Some of our favorite human gift items!

Whether you are looking for a great present for your dog sitter, trainer, or friend or family member Lizzi & Rocco’s has lots of wonderful human gift options available. It is no secret that Lizzi & Rocco’s could not exist without copious amount of caffeine and we fully believe coffee is the perfect gift! We are proud to carry two coffee lines that not only have wonderful tasting coffee but also giveback to cats and dogs in need. We also have a variety of mugs, including blank mugs and tumblers that you can customize with any of our fun stickers!

Having a house full of pets is wonderful and joyous but it can also become a little bit stinky. Pet House Candles, wax melts, and room sprays are unbeatable at both smelling great and also deodorizing the air. Our staff loves Pet House Candles, and you can always find one burning in at least one staff members home! Wearing your heart on your sleeve, can be a good thing especially when it comes to showing off how much you love your pet. Fun socks are a classic, easy gift! We carry a wide variety of cat, dog, and random socks that will make anyone chuckle.

With Precious Metal Prints, you can preserve your pets nose in a beautiful wearable form. Each kit comes with the material and instructions to make a imprint of your pets nose (you can also do a finger print!), you then fill out the included form and send it to Precious Metal Prints and they will cast the nose print in Sterling Silver or Gold. You can get the pendent as a necklace or keychain. Also, your print mold is retained indefinitely so if something does happen to your print, you can order a new one.

Needing more ideas? Check out this collection to see some of our other favorite products we have for pet loving humans or ask us next time you are in!

Seasons Giftings!

We love a good holiday themed toy at Lizzi & Rocco’s and we have lots of Christmas and Hanukkah themed toys for pets!

We have adorable wearable Santa Hats and Elf Ears for your dogs to wear at Christmas and matching socks for you and your dog to wear. There are also several ornament options to commemorate your pets’ holiday season! Our selection of holiday gifts is always changing, but you can see our favorites here.

Purrfect Gifts for Cats

Cats can be picky, but Lizzi & Rocco’s have lots of toys and gifts that are the cat’s meow! If your cat is into adventure, Travel Cat backpacks are a fun and safe way that your kitty can experience the outside world. If your cat is more leisurely, our royal scratcher sofa is perfect!

For mice loving cats, The Go Go Cat Catcher wand toys are a wonderful way to get them playing. The Kong Catnip infuser is a toy that will look good on your shelf AND your cats will love. This gumball machine infuses poof balls with catnip smells.

If your cat enjoys the finer things in life, we do offer several varieties of wine for the most sophisticated of cat palates!

To see all of our favorite purrfect gifts, click here!

Gifts for Active Dogs

Much like Lizzi & Rocco’s selection of dog toys and accessories, an active dog can be a tad overwhelming to shop for! We have a great selection of rugged and tough toys and items to keep your active pup safe!

If your dog loves to play fetch, but your throwing arm needs some work, The Chuckit Ball Launcher is a game changer. With the Chuckit, you will be able to launch the ball across the yard giving your dog a fun workout. If your dog enjoys a good game of tug of war or just loves to chew fresh, the Mammoth Snakebiter is a great toy! The natural cotton fibers help keep your dog’s teeth clean and it is built to be very strong. If your dog plays hard, Kong and West Paw toys will stand up to their strength!

Keeping your dog safe on adventures is important, and easy with the right tools! Visibility at night is important, and with the Nite Howel LED collar makes your dog stand out in the darkness. Kurgo’s first aid kit for dogs is small enough to stash in your car, and gives if you everything to take care of your dog in the case of a minor injury.

To see more of our picks for active dogs, click here!

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Winter can be beautiful but it can also be messy and too cold! We have lots of things to keep you upright, your house clean, and your pup warm!

Safe Paw ice melt, is both child and pet safe. It will keep your sidewalk and driveway ice free while keeping your pups paws burn free. The Dirty Dog Doormat magically sucks up all of the water, mud, and winter fun and keeps it from being tracked into your house!

If you want to give the gift of cozy, we have a wide selection of blankets, beds, and sweaters to keep your pets warm all winter long! See more of our winter picks here!

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