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Feline Freeze: Easy Enrichment Recipes for Cats!

It’s hot out, and even though our cats seem to enjoy melting in the sun, we don’t like the idea of them getting heatstroke. While kitty probably won’t appreciate being dragged from the kitchen window’s sunspot and dunked in water to cool down, we’re here to offer some cat-pleasing recipes that provide valuable hydration, and enrichment and are easy to freeze and make! Hydration is vital for our pets’ bodies, and keeping your cat entertained is always a plus! (Don’t worry, canine friends, we didn’t leave you out! Check out your recipes right over here.)

All of these recipes were designed to make your life easier, allowing you to whip up small portions at a time—just enough to tempt kitty. While you can mix these recipes into small ice cubes and serve them like that, chances are, unless your cat is already a fan of frozen foods, you’re going to receive a whole lot of incredulous meowing. However, if you spread them out on a plate, bowl, or our fave, a lick mat, before freezing, you’re much more likely to have an instant hit! Plus, it’ll freeze that much more quickly, which means you can get all the hydration benefits into your kitty’s body even faster. 
If you have several lick mats, extra food bowls, or even just spare saucers, you can prep several of these in advance. Once they’re frozen, you can store them vertically, which frees up more freezer space for your stash of ice cream!

We’ve been talking a lot about the importance of keeping your cat hydrated—but it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t also mention the significant enrichment that offering something new can add to your cat’s nine lives! As cat owners, we sometimes misinterpret our cats’ behavior as destructive or lazy when it could actually be a sign of boredom. You’d be surprised what a slight change in their treat diet can do. Letting them experience new flavors, textures, and ways of eating will work their mind in ways that can help cats be healthier and happier, inside and out—and we know you’ll be able to tell!

A cat looks over a treat that will go into the freezer.

Classic Catsicle

Ingredients: 1 small pouch of cat food
1 small cat-safe chew such as fish skin (to use as a stick)

Directions: Cut open a notch in the pouch, slide in chew, and freeze for at least two hours.

Chef Cobalt Cat’s Notes:

These are super easy to prep and serve and are a great way to ensure your cat is getting enough nutrients in the summer heat—especially if kitty goes on a hunger strike when it gets too warm outside! 

The chew is also great for dental health. The action of gnawing helps knock off any plaque and tartar, keeping those chompers shiny! Using a balanced food as your frozen treat is another excellent way to make sure your cat doesn’t overdo it on treats—but don’t be surprised if it means they eat less at dinner.

Kitten Pop

Ingredient: Tiki Cat Stix, in your cat’s preferred flavor

Directions: Squeeze the top of the Tiki Cat Stix, giving yourself a nice spot to open it later, and freeze ’em for at least an hour. When you’re ready to bond with your cat, rip the top and gently feed it to them—unless they immediately rip it from you in joy, of course. 

Chef Cobalt Cat’s Notes: This treat is easy to prepare and a great way to bond with your cat when it’s too warm to snuggle! You can also squeeze the treat onto a lick mat for them to enjoy while it’s frozen or squeeze out a whole frozen stick onto a plate to let them nibble right to the middle. 

Breezy Bone Broth

Ingredients: 2 Tablespoons bone broth
3-4 Freeze dried treats, broken into pieces

Directions: Pour bone broth into an ice cube tray, saucer, or lick mat, sprinkle with freeze-dried treats, and allow to freeze fully. 
Chef Cobalt Cat’s Notes: Bone broth is excellent for all-over health, and its meaty taste will draw in some of those pickier critters, too! We like to add a little extra crunch and munch with freeze-dried tidbits because it gives your cat a nice texture change. The freeze-dried treat will soak up the bone broth, letting you add even more to their lick mat! If you already feed freeze-dried food or use it as a topper, then you can use a couple of pieces of your cat’s regular food as the crunchy goodness!


Ingredients: About 1 tablespoon of chopped or chunked fruit
2 Tablespoons of bone broth
Directions: Place the fruit on a lick mat, saucer, or ice cube tray, then gently pour in the bone broth. Allow to freeze fully.

*Tip: Putting the fruit down first reduces the chance of the broth splashing out.

Chef Cobalt Cat’s Notes: Cats can’t technically taste the sweetness of fruits, but that doesn’t mean they want to be excluded from the fun! Cats are primarily texture-based, so for this treat, we like to keep the fruit in little chunks to let your feline pick what fruit they like the best! Try strawberries, blueberries, watermelon chunks, or apricots—just make sure you leave out seeds, leaves, and pits. 

It’s important to note that cats don’t get many nutrients from this treat—mostly just water and fiber. So don’t let this treat become a meal; give them a little at a time.

A cat looks over a delicious treat that was just pulled from the freezer.

Creamy Catnip Dreams

Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon of Bones & Co Goat Whip
Pinch of dried or fresh catnip
Directions: Mix thoroughly, smear on a saucer or lick mat, and allow to freeze. 

Tip: You can also substitute goat’s milk for the whip and freeze it in an ice cube! Your feline will get into a playful mood by chasing the treat across a large platter or pie plate. Then you can have a bit of air-conditioned play time and, if you’re lucky, a catnap together. 
Chef Cobalt Cat’s Notes: This one is a breeze to prepare and right up every kitten’s alley! Goat’s milk is an excellent source of taurine and other essential nutrients for cats, and the whip makes it super easy to serve.

Fish Fancier Freeze

Ingredients: 2 Tablespoon fish broth
2-3 Freeze dried minnows

Directions: Pour your fish broth, then add the freeze-dried minnows to be swimming in “your sea.” Allow to freeze.

Chef Cobalt Cat’s Notes: If we can’t safely get our cats to the beach, we can at least let them enjoy the flavors of the sea! This recipe is extra fun on a lick mat or slow feeder tray because you can easily play with the shapes to give them the under-the-sea experience! If you’re feeling extra fish-fancy, mix a dab of Primal Fresh Toppers Omega Mussels into the fish broth first.

Melon Muncher

Ingredients: About 1 Tablespoon of cantaloupe diced chunks (rind removed)
About 1 Tablespoon goat’s milk

Directions: Mix, spread on a lick mat, saucer, or ice cube, and allow to freeze. 

Chef Cobalt Cat’s Notes: Have you ever seen a cat chow down on cantaloupe? It’s pretty common! There are amino acids in cantaloupe that mimic the smell of a tasty meat dish to a feline’s sensitive nose. Once they take a bite, they often enjoy the texture of the melon, as well as its natural water and fiber content. It’s a win-win for us! This recipe keeps those cantaloupe-loving cats in mind. 

Remember that since this is a fruit-heavy snack, you don’t want to let them eat more of it than their real food—even if they would willingly gnaw through a cantaloupe rind for more.

Tuna Time

Ingredients: Weruva’s Mideast Feast 3oz can
6 ice cubes (more if needed)
Water as needed
Directions: Add Mideast Feast to a blender with ice and blend, gradually adding water and more ice until the mixture resembles a frozen snow cone.

*Tip: If you have a snow cone maker, let it do the hard work and pour the liquid of a water-packed can of tuna or salmon on top!
Chef Cobalt Cat’s Notes: Nothing says “summertime” like a tasty chunk of fish, right? No? Just us? That’s fine. This recipe takes slightly more work than the rest of our dishes, but it’s worth it to hear the purr. It has all the appeal of a shaved ice dessert but is made just for them, and we all know how much cats appreciate our extra effort.

Go forth, cat chefs, and do what your cats always expected you to do—whip them up a tasty treat! Just don’t tell them how good it is for them that they’re getting so much hydration and enrichment—we’ll let that be our secret. If you share your feline food art, don’t forget to tag us—Lizzi & Rocco’s staff love seeing the delicious things everybody makes!

Meet the Chef: Chef Cobalt Cat became interested in the culinary arts after watching the movie ‘Ratatouille’. After all, if a RAT can be a chef, why can’t a cat be one too?

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