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Chewy’s Championships!

It has been a fun two weeks of matchups, but we have made it to the Chewy’s Championships! One of these pups will become the first winner of Bark Madness!

Both Boone and Luna are two precious angels, and they are both winners in our hearts!

The winning dog will receive a photoshoot, a gift basket full of delicious Stella & Chewy products, a $100 gift card to Lizzi & Rocco’s, AND their picture on the walls of Lizzi & Rocco’s!!

Voting will close Sunday evening at 11:59 pm.

Meet Boone & Luna!

A little about Luna & Boone

Luna is a year old Black Cane Corso!

Favorite Toy: Luna’s favorite toy is any ball! She LOVES playing fetch and has the biggest butt wiggles while she is waiting for the ball to be thrown.

Favorite Place to Visit: Anywhere that is outside!! Luna loves any opportunity to play in the water or a mud hole. The dirtier she is, the happier she is! Loves to practice her parkour and sprints in the woods on our property.

An obsession: Luna is obsessed with ice. She could be sound asleep on the other side of the house, yet she will hear the ice machine and come running. 


Boone is a 3-year-old White Great Pyrenees mix

Favorite Toy: Boone’s favorite toys are sticks from the firewood basket. Don’t get me wrong, he loves a good round of fetch, but there is something special about having sticks inside the house.

Favorite Place to Visit: Boone loves to visit his grandparents’ house at Table Rock Lake, where he can run free, swim at his leisure, roll in fish carcasses, and lick the neighbor’s grill grates.

An obsession: Boone has an obsession with butter. It’s genetic. He also loves a good brick of brie, there’s a good chance that Boone can tell with one sniff of the air upon entering a home which varieties of cheese it contains.

Thank you to everyone who voted, shared, and participated! Also, thank you to Stella & Chewy’s for bringing this contest to life!

And because they are so cute, here are some pictures of Boone & Luna for you to enjoy!

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