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Behind the Scenes: Staff Product Potluck

Each year, Lizzi & Rocco’s staff gathers to share a meal, the potluck is one of our favorite things to do together and is a highlight of the year. Each dish must incorporate at least one product we carry in the store. Most of the pet food products we carry at Lizzi & Rocco’s contain the same ingredients and are made with the same processes as the food we buy for ourselves at the grocery store. So although the potluck might be odd, it is not gross or unsafe! Keep reading to see a round-up of the dishes staff made for the 2022 potluck and the cooking processes for two of the most ambitious dishes that graced our plates at the potluck: handmade ravioli and arepas made from cat litter.

Arepas made from World’s Best Cat Litter

Arepas are a staple of South American food. They are made with ground corn dough and are fried. Often times they are served and topped with meat, cheese, or veggies. Rather than grinding corn into flour, Angie used World’s Best Cat Litter which is made with 100% corn.

The cat litter after being ground in a food processor and rehydrated.
Arepas being pan-fried.

For the topping, Angie prepared a meat filling out of Lotus Just Juicy Pork Stew, Primal Pork Bone Broth, Green Juju’s Just Greens, spices, and lime juice. There was also a lime vinegarette topping available. The end result was a hearty and delicious arepa.

Meat-filling being cooked.

Ravioli made three ways

Rather than subject staff to store-made pasta, Jessica chose to make from-scratch ravioli in both toasted and wet form! See how she did it below.


Follow along as we make ravioli with pet food!! #fyp #dogfoodrecipe

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