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Beat the summer heat!

Summer is all about fun in the sun, and for your pets a big part of seasonal safety is proper hydration. Dogs should consume about 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight; for cats, it’s about 5 to 10 ounces daily—and that amount increases during the hot summer months.

It’s challenging to get most pets to consume that quantity of water by drinking alone, so dogs and cats that are fed a primarily dry diet are likely in a state of constant mild dehydration which can have some not-so-great health consequences long term! Here are some tips to help keep your pets hydrated!

Is your dog hydrated enough?
  1. Provide fresh, clean water for your pet at all times. If you’re taking your dog on a long outing, make sure to pack along a travel friendly dog water bottle!
  2. Ideally, dogs and cats should get a good portion of their water intake from the food they eat. Traditional dry kibble doesn’t have enough moisture, and so by incorporating moisture-rich foods like canned or raw food into their diets, you’re helping to provide them with the water their bodies need to function properly. Not only that, but their bodies assimilate to their food better, and they utilize the nutrients much more efficiently with a wet food – bonus!
  3. Add a fresh food topper like pet-safe bone broth (without onion – they’re toxic to pets) or raw goat’s milk! Our personal favorites are the Fresh Mixers by Primal Pet Foods and Green Juju. 
  4. Get a water fountain—many pets drink much more water if it’s flowing from a drinking fountain.
  5. Feed ice cubes as treats—you can even use bone broth for more flavorful ice cubes! 
  6. Fill stuffable toys like Kongs with moisture-rich ingredients such as chopped-up whole meat, broths and canned foods to sneak water into their toys, too. Plug the small end with a dab of peanut butter and freeze the whole toy for long-lasting, healthy fun.
  7. Put out multiple water bowls along the paths pets usually take throughout your home. This trick is particularly helpful for cats who tend to drink out of convenience rather than out of necessity.
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