Lizzi & Rocco's Natural Pet Market

Pet Owners Turned Business Owners

As pet owners themselves (that’d be Lizzi & Rocco), Jessica and Kyle wanted better, healthier choices for their furry family, so they started offering quality-made, ethically sourced, and more natural pet products. Turns out CoMo wanted that too and our customers helped us build and  grow. 12 years, 2 kids and a bunch more pets later, Jess and Kyle continue living the dream.

Lizzi & Rocco's South

In 2009, Jessica & Kyle opened their first small location on the south side of Columbia. The original store on the south side relocated in the Spring of 2020 to upgrade in size and services available, and remains a great place to find all the goodies for CoMo’s fur friends.

Lizzi & Rocco's North

In 2014, Lizzi & Rocco's gained a second location on the north side after buying Award Pet Supply. This store features all the regular L&R goodness and has two self-serve bathing stations. In 2023 our North location got a head-to-toe renovation! 

Each location strives to be more than retail stores - We want to be your pet’s social headquarters too.

Come enjoy one of our many breed meetups, host a birthday party with our help, or get the perfect snapshots at a seasonal photo event. Party hard at our big yearly events Dog Paddle, Pints for Paws, or Pawject Runway - all benefiting local rescues. 

Along with all this good clean fun, we can help to keep your pets good and clean too! After a long day on the trails or in the park, bring your dirty dogs in for a clean up in our self-service dog washes. We can’t guarantee you won’t get a bit wet, but we have aprons & treats to minimize everyone’s discomfort, plus all natural shampoos, combs, towels, & blow dryers to get the job done. Not feeling the struggle? Check out our award-winning full-time professional groomers at our North & South locations. 

There’s so much going on with our little family owned and operated business. If you haven’t already, you’ll just have to come experience L&R yourselves. It’s all run on a little crazy & a whole lot of love. 

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